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and tapped his chest. " I ain't no diff'rent from ordinary, hut
what 1 been through, eight children and them about to be
wrapping their feet in tow-sack to go out in the weather, and
I'm durn nigh ready fer anything. I ain't no diff rent from
ordinary." '

"Well, anyway, your distinguished neighbour isn't going
to the Senate/' Doctor MacDonald remarked. " That's some-
thing. Even if he did win his suit against us, and get his
God-damned tobacco back. What Dismukes paid him for
that oughter keep his feet off the wet ground for a spell."

" He got paid, all right," Mr. Peebles said, " I'll lay to that.
But he spent a sight of money trying to be elected."

" Elected or not," Mr. Christian put in, half as though to
himself, "he'd never got there, not if I had to wring the
bastard's neck with my own hands."

The man named Peebles looked at Mr. Christian, and
glumly nodded. " You ain't the only one felt that way," he

Doctor MacDonald started to bank the fires, but Professor
Ball reminded him that it wouldn't be necessary, that to-
morrow was Saturday and no school Professor Ball began to
blow out the lights, and the men gathered their coats. Mr.
Peebles asked if they were sure his staying wouldn't put them
out, and Doctor MacDonald said no, that a few of the boys
boarded there during the week, but they went home over
Friday night till Sunday night, and there was plenty of room.
The last lamp was blown out, and the long room had only the
fading firelight. Doctor MacDonald pulled open the heavy

The cold of the air struck like a blow. Mr. Munn walked
slightly behind the other men. He lifted his eyes to the deep,
vaulted darkness above the trees, and filled his lungs with the
probing coldness of the air. He felt very tired, but light and
relieved and cleansed, like a man who, convalescing from a
long sickness, goes out into the open air for the first time.
That night he slept more soundly than for many
Sunk in the big feather bed, he seemed, as he closed Ms